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Meet Our Staff!


Jena is the owner of About Face Boot Camp.  She also coaches and offers Personal Training 6 days a week. She is a certified nutritionist and the author of the Power Of 3 Book Series.


Amie is the account manager at About Face Boot Camp. She handels all memberships and teaches Barre classes.

Coach Misty

Misty coaches classes and Barre and yoga as well as personal training at About Face Boot Camp.

Coach Hunter

Hunter coaches many classes and also offers Personal Training at About Face Boot Camp. 

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Coach Julie

Julie teaches classes and also offers PT

Coach Mike

Mike coaches our SparFIT and Aboutlete classes. 

Coach Lee

Lee coaches morning classes at About Face Boot Camp and assists with Administrative duties. She also does Personal Training.

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Loren is our Administrative Assistant.

Coach Debbie

Debbie coaches our Fit Challenge classes.

Coach Jen T

Jen T leads our Sweat Fest classes and our Finding your Balance program.

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