Imagine this… What if we lived out the last 90 days of this year with the SAME mindset we STARTED at the beginning of the year…

YOU know....All of those January 1st things…

“I’m going to make this year my best yet.” “I’m FINALLY going to get through that workout program.” “I’m going to drop those last 15 lbs.” “I’m not going to give up on myself.” “I’m going to accomplish _________.” “I’m going to finish this year a stronger, happier, healthier person.” But what happened.......  Life got in the way........I mean, I don’t want to bring it up, but this year has been a total show We’re all exhausted.  We’re all just trying to get by.  We’ve all said ‘screw’ our initial goals...............WE HAVE all JUST TRIED TO SURVIVE...... NOT focusing on THRIVIng!!!!!!!

I Would dare to say that most of us gotten into the routine of AT BEST.....half a&$IN our fitness goals this year..... CAN I GET AN AMEN...... promising to start again next year......

I mean, let’s all agree that we just want to get through this year, right?

And NOW guess what’s coming now........HallowThanksMas 

… and the hype AND the STRESS of the holiday season tends to push us even further Away from those from those goals we started the year off with .......and thennnnnnn We eat our way through the entire holiday season..........I mean I am already pumpkin spicing day dreaming and awaiting the holiday goodies......YOU TOO

But what if we did it differently this end-of-year?  That instead of waiting… we finished strong?

What if .......We didn’t limit our challenges based on life’s happenings but we challenged our limits and created balance.......

What if we went all in…

You asked for it! I am answering the call!

October 10th...... I WILL KICK OFF MY ~ “ABOUTFACE YOUR YEAR ~finish strong Transformation challenge.

A total health, fitness, nutrition, and mind/body/soul accountability TRANSFORMATION PROGRAM


• You will be provided 3 in person classes ~3 online classes per week • Nutrition planning, coaching, support, and Yes, crock pot recipes, holiday recipes, meal planning, weekly live videos, grocery lists, holiday meal planning. Cocktails. Boozy, healthy holiday cocktails. • An ongoing Devotionals. Discussions. • And a place where you can stay on course for the remainder of the year.  We do this together.  Alongside of one another.....lifting one another up, encouraging each other, sharing our struggles- getting results together.  It’s a beautiful thing when you find an amazing community of support and it helps you grow together.  That’s what we do. Y’all. You know me. No bullshit. You want the real deal. The life balance. The support. The group. The accountability. This is it. I’m not going to sugar coat it. But I will help you finish this year physically and mentally stronger than you found it. 

Class days and times~ Tuesday 6:30 PM-Thursday 6:30 PM-Saturday 8 AM With 3 Facebook live classes in our private Facebook group on Monday Wednesday and Friday that you can follow along at home on your own time......

Price ~ $160

Class-size is limited and this will sell out within a matter of hours! Please do not wait this is your time to finish stronger!


About Face Your Year


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