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Zoe L. is loving the online workouts!

I have worked from home for the last 4 years and since moving to NC most days the only face to face adult interaction I get is when I go to About Face Boot Camp for classes. When the stay at home order was put in place I was really disheartened, as I know I work much harder actually being in a class with other people . When About Face said they were going to start classes online I figured I’d give it a go. That hour every morning is now one of the highlights of my day, and I love all the different classes offered. I tend to do the 8:15am live class, and I love that I still get to interact with Jen or Misty through the comments. They still call me out and push me as as hard if not harder than if I was with them at the gym. I’m so very grateful to About Face and the instructors for still being there when I probably need them the most. Getting that workout in sets me up completely for the day!

About Face Boot Camp is more than a gym. Everyone there has become a friend and some my chosen family. Very excited to get back physically in the gym, but until then I know I can always get my butt kicked thanks to the online classes!