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Work It Wednesday - Erin W.

The girl on the left, I don’t even recognize her. She was out of shape, unhappy, broken, and depressed. I was 24 newly married and had just bought a house. I was a new teacher and I had my life planned out perfectly, down to the age and season I would have kids. Until one day my whole life came crashing down in front of me. The day I found out my ex husband was heroin addict.

There were signs and things I ignored for months but once I realized and accepted the problem it was way worse then I could have ever imagined. He had lost 4 jobs and was pretending to go to work, he had stolen well over $10,000 from our bank account and pawned many things throughout the house. I did the right thing and paid for rehab treatments 3 times.. nothing worked. One day on the ride home from my dads house, I realized I was not going to live like this. I came home that day, kicked him out and started boot camp 2 weeks later. When I started I was out of shape, I had never worked out or been any kind of athlete in my life. I was broken, living alone, scared and confused. The boot camp gave me structure. It was my consistency during the hardest time of my life. It gave me a meal plan, people to talk to and a place to go. I through myself in full force. I committed to making a better life for myself by starting with taking care of myself for the first time in my life. I ran my first spartan November of that year. The spartan team embraced me full force and gave me so much love. I couldn’t be more thankful. Now almost 2 years later, I am happily divorced with a new boyfriend who thinks the world of me, starting graduate school for my masters degree in 1 week, and in the best shape of my life. I have fitness goals I can’t wait to crush and the confidence I never thought I would have. I am so thankful for about face boot camp and everyone who played a part in making a difference in my story!

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