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During your run 🏃 Aim to replenish the amount of fluid that you are losing.

Plain water usually is adequate for easy runs and efforts <60-90 minutes. If it is hot out and/or you are a heavy sweater, you may also require electrolytes during shorter workouts. Zipfizz..Salt pills (e.g. SaltStick), tabs that you dissolve in your water (e.g. Nuun), or water with added electrolytes (e.g. Propel) are options.During long runs and races, be sure to consume electrolytes. Your carb source (gels, sports drink, etc.) may be adequate, or you may need more (e.g. salt pills), but don’t overdo it.🏃 Many runners only drink 2 or 3 oz of fluid per aid station. 🏃Practice drinking similar amounts from a bottle during training to see if this is adequate for you, and be prepared to adjust your plan if weather conditions vary.

After your 🏃Rehydrate within 30-60 minutes after exercise with both fluids and salts

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