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Read about Jen B. rocking her online workouts!

Quarantine 2020... Who would have ever thought that the world would stop? Our schools, restaurants, jobs and our beloved gym would close? At this point I’m 9 months into my new healthy ever after, this can’t be happening!!! (Insert the evil thoughts...) Great, here comes the weight I lost! Oh and that strength that I’ve gained, well I might as well hang that up too. But those thoughts didn’t last long. Our warriors ( coaches ) came together and created these amazing videos of our classes that we could continue doing right in the comfort of our own home. These videos not only come with the challenging workout, they are filled with love and encouragement. Our coaches truly stand by the AFBC Motto- We build you up, so nothing can tear you down. That is exactly what these videos have done, built me up. If I can’t catch a live class because I’m busy being a homeschool mom then it’s easy to hit replay. Not only do I have access to all of my normal classes, I have also been able to try classes that I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to try in the gym due to my work schedule. I have even had the pleasure of my son joining my workouts. I can’t thank our coaches enough for their dedication to us. This gym is more than a gym, it’s a family and a place to belong.