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Check out what Craig T. has to say about staying motivated!

I've been hanging around AFBC for about six years now. I have always been really good about doing cardio. Strength training not so much. That’s what I love about our coaches. They keep me picking up heavy things, even though I don’t really want to. When the lock down came, and work went away, I knew I could go one of two ways. Couch potato or double down on exercise and nutrition. Thanks to our coaches being willing to stream live several times a day, I’ve been able to make the healthier choice to stay fit. My favorite class of the week is Tap Out with Misty Rollins.

I will admit that it may be because I have a heavy bag in my workout space, and I use it to punch out my frustrations. So, make the choice to be your best self, find a spot, roll out your mat and take advantage of some of the streaming workouts live or in replay. Then post a sweaty selfie, I miss your smiling faces, especially you 8:15 people.