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Check out Michelle M., still going after her goals, even when things get tough!

When the Corona virus hit, it hit my personal life hard. I lost my job. My one hour gym time was my me time and I missed it. Terribly. One thing I asked myself was " CoroNAH... I'm just gonna sit around and feel sorry for myself and eat everything" or "CoroNO way am I letting this get in the way of my goals!" I chose CoroNO way!!!

The online workouts have kept me from going crazy first off. I'm a people person so this is hard for me. I have something to look forward to, to get the little bit of me time. That's important for a single momma with a rambunctious 4 year old boy who can't go to the park. Talk about going wild.

Going live and talking to your coach and the other members who are working out through messages, gives me so much inspiration to keep going. We are all having a hit with this somehow and it brings us together. I miss my gym family

I had a goal this year. I'm a part of the AFBC mud runners who runs the Spartan Obstacle races together as a team. I wanted to go after a Double Trifecta. Obviously, they have been cancelled due to the virus, but I'm not letting that stop me from going after my goals. I'm keeping at it as if we are going to run together in a month. Fingers crossed we will get to sooner than later

To the coaches at AFBC, thank you so much for taking the time each day to do some amazing workouts and speaking to us like we are right in front of you. This is a hard time but you've made sure that we continue to push ourselves and come out on the other side of this a better, stronger version of ourselves. Michell