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Check out Jenny A.'s Virtual Personal Training Experience!

Although these are unprecedented times for all of us, AFBC personal training is one of the main things getting me through it with my sanity in tact. We're all feeling the effects of job and routine changes, but that doesn't mean they have to unravel us. Honestly, when I was approached with the opportunity for virtual personal training I was a bit hesitant. I was just getting into the swing of face to face personal training so I had my doubts as to how effective it would be; however, agreeing to the sessions is one of the best things I've done for myself during the stay at home order. Getting a weekly one on one workout (even through video chat) has been an excellent accountability tool. Once a week I'm asked about not just my eating & exercise habits, but my mental & spiritual health. On weeks that I'm doing really well I'm encouraged by our time together, and on weeks that I'm struggling, I'm brought back to center and reminded that I am worth it. I know in the future I will look back on these training sessions fondly. They have served me so bountifully and have allowed me to bond with my trainer in such a unique way. It's only been a few weeks but I can see the evidence of my sessions in both my physical strength as well as my emotional stamina while staying home. Oh, and as for my doubts: I couldn't have been more wrong. You can still get an amazing and intentional workout through a screen. Jenny Alberto

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