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Class Descriptions

Slay your lane is a stations class that focuses on doing 4 minutes of lifting and then following up with 4 minutes of Abs and Cardio and repeating for the whole class.


The zone A upper body lifting class. There are stations where are you move up from light to heavy weights with each exercise.


Ring of fire Is an upper-body focus class that uses non-traditional training styles mixed with high-intensity interval training exercises 


SparFit  Is a class designed to build and work your upper body with no cardio. This class is designed to prepare you for an obstacle course race is open to all members whether you wish to do an obstacle race or not.


Run Your world Is a run group for all Fitness levels where no one gets left behind


You vs you is a stations class where every round you are trying to either go heavier or getting more rep then you did the previous time 


About Faced is a coach lead outdoor trail run. they meet at different places each week and no one gets left behind.


Rep it is an upper-body class with a mix of cardio and lifting.


WTF Tabata is A weight to failure class with high-intensity interval training Tabata. The exercises range from cardio to lifting.


Tour of Duty An outdoor walk with weighted backpacks for the first half in the second half is lifting indoors.


Mash up is That has high-intensity interval training, lifting, and Cardio mashed into one class. 


Marching ruck is An outdoor walk with a weighted backpack for the entire class. 


Weekend Warriors starts off with a 30-minute walk/run that is followed by 20 minutes lifting stations and is finished off with a 10-minute deep stretch. 


Open gym is a free time to either your own workout or when we provide for you. this is not coach lead there will be someone there if you have questions.

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