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8 Week Fit Challenge

Do you feel like you aren't enough?

You don't deserve to feel good?

Are you overwhelmed with LIFE?

Are you one that doesn't like to be naked in front of your spouse?

It's time to take control of yourself and allow yourself the grace and room to grow. It's time to change & to sustain a healthy lifestyle inside and out. To a genuine place of happiness & loving the real you! Make yourself a PRIORITY! Join us as we guide you to the place that only you can do for YOURSELF!

our next start date:

JAN. 4TH 2020

about our program

  • 3 classes a week! 2 weekdays and 1 on Saturday

  • Community! Private Facebook group to communicate with your coaches and other members of the program

  • Accountability! Attendance tracking, check-ins, and progress pictures.

  • Meal guidance! Food recommendations, recipes, and tips on healthier choices.

  • Rewards! Earn points to go towards membership, AFBC store, and more! 

Are you ready?

Meet our fit challenge team







Jen t

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